YOUR domain, YOUR internet presence - OUR responsibility...

Let's face it: Keeping track of your domain registration is a hassle, if it's not something you deal with everyday.

In a busy organization, domain registration and management is an easy detail to lose track of, because it requires attention so infrequently. It doesn't help that scam artists and other opportunists prey on people's ignorance regarding this vulnerability, and confuse the issue with spurious offers and official looking threats.

We deal with domain registration issues every day. We maintain a growing number of domains, for a growing number of businesses, and we do so in a very organized and disciplined manner, with email and text alerts to warn of upcoming expirations. We are constantly aware of the status of every domain we manage, and we never accidentally lose a domain. That belongs to a client. As apposed to a spouse. Don't ask. Suffice it to say, we are now very disciplined.

Domain names are a major vehicle with which we establish "a brand", and it's useful to have someone with deep experience in brand identity to bounce ideas off of. We have that experience deep marketing experience in-house, and branding is a concept that we have pretty good understanding of, and practical experience with, from both the client and agency side of the marketing racket. As always, we are happy to talk with prospective clients about their ideas.

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