Your technology solutions - our investment, and our headaches...

We offer "best practice", enterprise-grade solutions for individual small- and medium-sized business clients.

Each client's data is absolutely private and secure, and no client need be aware that the same services are being utilized by other organizations. Each organizational experience is that of an individually integrated, entirely secure, completely stable, robust, and scalable technology solution configured for that organization's needs, but without the overhead and expense of in-house IT staff.

Each of our "Hosted Solutions" offerings is a self-contained solution, available to our clients as one month, 3-month, 6-month, or one year chunks of time. Services may be combined and in many cases, work seamlessly together. Discounts are available for some service combinations, and for longer blocks of time.

Each solution emails automatic reports which satisfy most notification requirements and can be expanded and customized. Of course, all imaginable customizations are affordably available - an intrinsic feature of solutions based upon opensource software.

We are evolving this website to empower our clients, hopefully by now, you included, to select, configure and modify your own customized solution. For now, we are still small enough that some degree of our sales and account management is handled by real, live, carbon-based lifeforms, here in our Charlotte offices.

As we automate some functions, and refine our communications processes, we expect that personal interaction with many of our clients will fall away, but we want to clearly state our openness to always communicate transparently and easily with our clients. The simple economic fact is that it is that human interaction which takes time and costs money, and at the same time, is the relationship between our people and your people. We value that, and we expect to always maintain business-hour support, in English, from America.